un-lessons about love

Love, love, love. How many books, movies, dramas, songs about that wired feeling that we all want until it makes us crying. Romeo and Juliet, Pretty Woman, Titanic, Love is in the air and all the similar. Love is here, Love is there, Love that makes you feel up and down. Love is everywhere. How does it come that we can love so easily? We love our mum, our boyfriend and even our cat. Then the question is due: is it so easy to love? Is it about caring, attraction, or fear to be alone? These are big question and probably millions of people tried to find out an answer so I am not gonna walk on their same paths.
The more I watch movies, the more I get confused. Everyone can picture love in a different way: consuming, violent, romantic, unreal. The more I listen to songs, the more I fall into them. There is something in Art , that captures us in another place, far away, for few moments. That is what I feel when I write. I admit that my articles are pretty horribly written, but it is not the point. The truth is that they are me, myself, my own soul.
I recently asked myself if I love, if I am in love. I have always thought that the best way to show my care would be to love unconditionally. My family, my boyfriend, my friends. I realized that I spend eight hours sleeping and the rest of the day trying to please them and find time for them. Do you want to know the funny side of the story? I have been stabbed in my heart. The few people I really love decide to fight one against the other calling this war in the name of my own goodness. A war that is consuming me day after day and night after night. So I start thinking if it is still all about Love or simply selfishness. How many battles do we fight in the name of Love? Muslims and extremists do the same nowadays while in the past, Christians and Muslims were the main characters in the Crusades. In many movies the stepmothers fight for their sons, in nature animals kill each other’s to protect their own families.
How long does it last this excuse? Are we still talking About Love?
The power that Love has on us let us making choices that could change our lives forever but inevitably, we cannot run away from them. We can fight in the name of Love but it would be foolish to fight against it.
People will always write about Love, expressing it in millions different ways, shouting from the rooftops, crying in loneliness. Whoever we are, dear readers, we can just admit that we are human beings put in this World to love and feel renew as the wind makes waves alive.