The Danish girl

imageA couple of days ago, I convinced myself to watch “the Danish girl”. I was so excited about this story when it first came out as a movie. But then none wanted to go to the cinema with me and you know how does it works, days pass and your beloved movie is no longer on the screen!

It happened that there was nothing on tv that night and I had this “Danish girl” on my usb stick: I had no program made, I was too tired and too lazy to even think of something to do! Finally, I had that feeling…. that sensation that I needed time for myself only. Is it ever occurred to you? The need to stay in silence, listening to someone else story, imaging it as yours.

I pushed play and, with no breaks or pauses, I watched the whole movie! There was love, passion, creativity, life!

It might have been another city, another time, but I felt I was there in that “not too fancy” house, with no much money on my wallet but definitely with love in my eyes, in my spirit, in my smile. I was there, in those blankets that hold lovers as me and Tom.

For those of you that don’t know the plot, the protagonist discoveres to be attracted by men instead of women. Although the initial shock, his wife finds a way to let him be himself and finally, to be free.

Until their last breath, through bad and good, they have always act by heart, driven simply by their unconditional love. That love story was all About Love.

I wish everyone to find a person that sticks with you throughout life: true love is rare but not unreal. Trust me.

Love can have a lot of shapes: it can keep together , it can separate, it can stay in one’s heart for very long time.

Love is more than just a movie.