Silence is needed

Once upon a time there was a little house in the middle of a courtyard, a little princess wondering about life and a massive, deep Silence. Not a single sound around her, not even the night train to Milan. Nothing. The Silence was so strong that the princess’ ears started to whistle and her heart to beat faster. She was there scared even to wait for some noise… Would it be good or bad? 

That’s exactly what happens with Love. It starts very loud and very present: it’s in every single part of the day. When we are in love, each car and park; each shop or street, reminds us of our lover: that one that we left in bed few minutes before! Love is like this! It starts loud and it goes on with whispered words. When in bed, when in complete armony within the two bodies and souls: that’s what happens to Love. It starts listening  to lovers in such an intense way that words are not required anymore. Breathing and panting are the masterpiece of a writer. 

Then the world stops for a while, a long while. It’s time for silence. 

There is no one in the little little house, there is no one in the courtyard, there is no train to Milan. There is only Silence and I am lost in it. 

Love has got all of me, I reached the highest part, where words and sounds are nothing else than distant noises. It’s just me, myself and Love: in peace. 



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