High Heels, Love, Life

High Heels, Love and Life

Being woman is not an easy task to attend: we tell ourselves that we have to be good in all we do: either job or family. We tell ourselves that we need to be even stronger and more prepared than men ‘cause one day they might leave us. We tell ourselves a lot of lies. The truth is that “we don’t have to”: we “want to”. That’s what makes us amazing creatures: the choice we make every day to be more than a simple human being: we choose to be Women.

To expose the concept clearly, I want to tell you a funny anecdote happened to me few days ago. I was surfing on the internet looking for some new high heels. Summer is near and parties and short dresses cannot be worn without the appropriate pair of shoes. Anyway, I suddenly realize that I missed the feeling of those uncomfortable footwear. Easy said, easy done, I wore my red high heels and, as they were magic shoes, I start wondering if Life and Love were like high heels: un uncomfortable desire that brings joy and pain.

Since the first time you see them on the shop’s window, you magically fall in love with that particular pair of shoes: maybe is not from the new collection, nor the classic model, nor a sober colour. But it’s Your model. The same happens to Love: you see him from the opposite side of the road, you follow him, you want him: not ‘cause is from a new collection of cool sexy guys, nor ‘cause he has money falling from his pockets, nor ‘cause he’s from your same Country or colour. You choose him ‘cause he’s Your man. Nevertheless, Life has some similarities too: you live your life not ‘cause someone brought you to life without asking, nor ‘cause you have to, nor ‘cause of your surviving instinct. Oh no, you live ‘cause it’s Your decision.

But, as for high heels, also Love and Life are not easy to wear. The first impact at the shop could be: “well, to be honest they are comfy: it’s not going to be hard this time”. So you buy them, you go home happy waiting for the moment you will wear them again. As shoes are such a great affair, your boyfriend will seem the right one: the right choice. Then it’s time to bring these new high hills into the society: show them to your friends, get ready for critics, hoping that they will not let you down or annoying you with some bad cramps. Your boyfriend goes through this as well and sometimes some bad critic could raise, but you’re confident and together you go through that hand by hand. After the party you go back home and, if they were really a great deal, you should have just a little pain: more like a feeling of heavy legs. Here comes the “one to one relationship”. You will have unforgettable days, but they will all bring a bit of “heavy legs feeling”. That’s the moment to be lived. Most of the time Life is on high heels, we cannot ignore that. But it’s up to us, up to Women, to stand on them and be sure that in our hearts, the Love at first sight that we felt, is not an action finished in the past; it something that we can carry on with pride every day. It’s a gift that Life gave us. So let’s smile in front of our shoes, let’s be happy with our beloved because there is nothing better than living twelve centimetres higher. If high heels are really like Love, I will run on them. Get ready Life.