Bridges have been built since the primitive age: they could be “river crossers” or “malty ground avoiders”.
Nowadays, instead, bridges are used to connect cities, to create new routes, to improve the traffic speed.
But. There was once upon a time, when none was BUILDING bridges and nevertheless everyone was talking about it. Many philosophers and poets, artists in general, used the idea of a bridge with a meaning of connection. Bridges were “souls saviours”.
Finally, there was a time in which bridges really were connectors: people used inside bridges as the strongest weapon in the World against unhappiness, cruelty, wars.
The question came easily to my mind: is it possible that in a World full of “old and modern fashion style bridges”, we run out of the “deep strong inside ones”?
Are we seriously using all our energies to build a marble arch with LED lights at the top, instead of creating a little wooden primitive bridge between people?
Hearts bridges don’t need any diamond. Instead, they might need some candles to make the journey comfortable.
Let’s think about how many times we physically cross a bridge with our feet every day and then how many times we try to understand the others and try to find a compromise. Let’s try, just for once, to meet each other on a bridge half way from each other sides. Let’s leave all our fears, prejudices, weapons, tricks on the very end of the bridge. Let’s cross it naked and pure, let’s meet half way and talk.
Definitely, this is the hardest bridge to build. Everyone could put two thousands brick together and call himself an architect. However, how many people can truly be honest, and share a soul bridge instead of breaking it?
Eventually bridges are just bridges; nevertheless, I would love to go back to time, to that “once upon a time” when the easiest thing to do was something that nowadays I cannot do anymore.
From love to love crossing a soul bridge.